Augeo Digital: Video Production

We are a full-service video production team equipped to entice, engage, entertain, educate and sometimes endear for our clients. We work with purpose and drive for companies that have mountains to move, products to sell, services to explain or goodwill to spread.

Whether our clients provide us a script or we work closely with them to develop a concept, we follow our projects all the way through trafficking, broadcast or distributing to all digital channels. We are a team committed to creating stories that communicate each client’s vision efficiently and effectively to build stronger-than-ever brands.


Kobe Bryant video image still

Kobe Bryant

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Sun Country - Comin’ to your City video image still

Sun Country - Comin’ to your City

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Patriot Parachute at MN Gopher Homecoming  video image still

Patriot Parachute at MN Gopher Homecoming

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Sun Country - Air Jimmy video image still

Sun Country - Air Jimmy

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Adversity video image still


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Sun Country - Wreck it video image still

Sun Country - Wreck it

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Nutrisoda - Good Soda video image still

Nutrisoda - Good Soda

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Sun Country - Make the Scene video image still

Sun Country - Make the Scene

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Insite video image still


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Visa Flowers video image still

Visa Flowers

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Proto Labs Recruiting video image still

Proto Labs Recruiting

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Renodis video image still


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Collaborate video image still


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Educating The Marketplace video image still

Educating The Marketplace

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Hewitt video image still


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Camp Cambria video image still

Camp Cambria

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COTP Stories video image still

COTP Stories

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Children of the Promise video image still

Children of the Promise

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Shriners Rewards video image still

Shriners Rewards

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DriveScribe video image still


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FamDoo video image still


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Dotopia video image still


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Protomold Overview video image still

Protomold Overview

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Duke Basketball 12.22.14 video image still

Duke Basketball 12.22.14

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Life Changing Careers video image still

Life Changing Careers

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Shaping the Future video image still

Shaping the Future

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Recruit Better video image still

Recruit Better

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Cambria - Family owned,
  American Made video image still

Cambria - Family owned, American Made

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Old Dutch video image still

Old Dutch

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Rollerblade - Group Therapy video image still

Rollerblade - Group Therapy

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Please contact us so we can discuss your wants, needs and desires when it comes to our services and your business.

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